Cameras everywhere. Nothing else!

Cameras everywhere. Nothing else!

For years we have been getting horrific news of accidents caused by - mainly - young people who kill other young with speeds and then shed tears and regret. Every day, even literally every hour. And immediately the explanations and accusations come pouring in - our upbringing was terrible, responsibility was nonexistent, education was worth nothing, our nation is generally a recycled commodity...

There is nothing true in this. Our nation is wonderful the young people are educated, intelligent and responsible. But the so-called environment is simply ruining them. Because everyone understands road safety these days, one suggests lowering the speed limit, another increasing penalty, other speeding up the criminal process...

I dunno, each of those things might do a partial job, but they'll never do the whole.

The truth is, we need to put cameras everywhere. Reliable, well maintained and monitored. Only full clarity of who is doing on the roads will scare these unbridled jiggly and have the brakes put on because they will know that on the next day everything have done will already be on social media. And when it's happens, that everything and everyone is known, then we will relax. This is more than certain!