Strikers and defenders

Strikers and defenders

There is a bit of romance and imagery in every football rhetoric and that is why I often compare this whole political mess in Bulgaria, and not only, with a big playground. As much as politicians would like to be strikers, I have to be very carefully but firmly told them that it's not their role in the game, for a better Bulgaria, which should be a much better place to live and do business.

I can easily recall the words of the legendary Spanish Prime Minister Felipe González, who was fond of saying, "I don't know of a politician who has ever made a dollar with his job in him life - that's what business does. But we politicians must make sure that this money is distributed fairly in a society...".

And to go back to the football metaphors, business in every game play offense, scores "goals," makes money and reinvests it.

But to be able to do that there has to be a good defence, just like in any football game, and it must come from the authority, the government, the parliament. They are who must create a good and free market environment for business to breathe and develop. Because the game without goals is just a waste of time and a run without results.