Who raises the bar?

Who raises the bar?

Everyone has their own "role model" - a role model, idol, whatever you want to call it, or in short: someone they want to be like. For some it is a "macho" with huge muscles and a martial arts champion, for others a striker who runs fast and scores goals, for others - a chess champion, or simply a poet or writer. But most often lately - a successful person in business and accumulated knowledge, management skills and... of course, money.

These are the people who make us follow them, study, and want to be like them. Quite often it doesn't work out. It's clear that everyone wants to be Lionel Messi in football, but Messi is one and there's no way anyone can be like him.

Millions of people dream of being just like Bill Gates and many others like him, but they are all unique and original. Without them, however, we need the Messi, the Gates and all those to whom the definition of 'number 1' belongs more than ever. Because through social media, their successes are now accessible, understandable, and achievable. And because they simply raise the bar for us to be even better and more successful.