... And a little self-confidence

... And a little self-confidence

In business, ethics have always been important. Nowadays, it's a hundred times more important. The new generation, for which under the road and over the road the managers squeal and hoot, is wonderful. Young people with super educations, several languages they speak perfectly and an incredible sense of right and wrong. They really want calm in some very turbulent times, want even salaries in times of unremembered crisis, want elegant attitudes and tolerance as our businesses change at the speed of light.

So far, everything is exactly as it should be. I argue daily with the whining disgruntled managers and explain to them the simple truth that it is not the younger generation that is yet to come into our companies, but it is we, the managers, who must change. Quickly and forever.

But what we cannot change in our colleagues is their self-confidence. It must be very high, so that we look down on them, even if it is not quite covered. And I hope that will happen soon!