The morning after the success

The morning after the success

I know a lot of people who forget where they started from as soon as they make some more money. Others forget what they have studied and get blinded by their new avocation. The third option is the most popular - the dream of buying a house or a nice car outweighs the professional satisfaction, and you consider that a sufficient proof of wellbeing.

However, this is far from the reality.

We are used to who, why and where, we get intoxicated quickly by success and think that we are already on top... Yes, exactly on top. But the rule is quite simple - we achieve success and immediately start thinking about the next one. And not about what and how was accomplished. The only thing we can learn from any success is just how we achieved it, so we can take the lessons out to achieve an even better one.

So... the morning after we remember that we can do even better and even higher. A must!