Promises by the dozen

Promises by the dozen

We are looking forward to the next elections, right now, in a month, to see who will manage our towns and villages. Super contested, the election campaigns have already started way before the announced date, but in the world of social media anything is possible, and dates are too much of a stretch.

Already a bunch of candidates are starting to share videos, texts, and photos and give out endless smiles from their Facebook or Instagram accounts. Different people - young and old, educated and "self-made", tall, and short, les and right... They don't fit together.

And with one thing in common - from their mouths pouring out useless common talk - we will fix the roads, we will build more kindergartens, we will create conditions for better business...

Here they are already like an out-copy machine - identical, impersonal, and certainly - not possible. They hand out promises by the dozen - this is the system for elections in Bulgaria. They hand them out because then no one controls whether they have fulfilled them. Yes, only for now!