Do it yourself!

Do it yourself!

A huge part of business in Bulgaria is - as I often say, without knowing if there is such a word in our language - self-made. And this is quite logical.

In the early 1990s there was nowhere and no one to learn from. We were reading, in the still closed Bulgaria, English books translated years before and insanely outdated marketing books published so many years before and we understood nothing of them. Simply because the environment in which we wanted to apply them was cosmically distant from the environment in which they were written.

Now that weird word "self-made" has a whole different meaning. Because literally anyone can educate themselves so that they already know on Wednesday about an approach or a concept invented, for example, in Japan on Monday and already applied in France on Tuesday.

Business in the world moves at the speed of light, and if we want to succeed, we must move at the same speed. Because we already can, we live in a wide-open country, and we can get things done. On our own.