The change we need for everyone

The change we need for everyone

We live in a very different time from all the different times we have lived in before. And it's not just the pandemic, the recession and the new younger generation that are causing this change. Rather, it is the new communications, mainly social media, which in a few months have collapsed the borders between countries and made it one big open world. What rock music did half a century ago, social media is doing now - reaching every corner of the planet and making us all feel the same. People.

But it takes a big change to do that, because you can't have a new environment and we're the same. And not a change just for the sake of slogans or business strategies, but really a total new approach - creating leaders out of employees, each in their own place and with their own responsibilities. And when they become better than us, the managers, be good to give them their places. With all our experience and good attitude.

It's a pretty abrupt change, but it's the only change possible and the only change necessary to keep the business moving forward.