The Great Free Market

The Great Free Market

Subsidy turns out to be the key word for the market in Bulgaria. Whether it comes from the municipality, the state or EU funds is now irrelevant. People I know, and you know, no longer lift a finger to do a job if there is no subsidy. To put it another way, if there is no money, which nobody returns and nobody reclaims. In agriculture – howl for subsidies, if there are none - come on with the tractors and close the roads. In industry - the same thing. We need money for fuel, for maintenance, and it even turned out that the culture wants subsidies to work better.

And somehow, we have forgotten the great free market, the one that determines the true quality of products, that makes people create better, produce better, compete fiercely and so those who have no place in the market go out of it. And it is clear.

I am against subsidies of any kind, they simply harm creativity, quality, and the fight for a place in the sun. That is what real progress is all about.