The party of the pragmatists

The party of the pragmatists

Sometimes we are a pretty crazy, to put it mildly, society. Leftist politicians clamoring for a conservative free market call themselves right-wing ones. And in all this fuss we forget that ideologies died long ago and have been replaced by pragmatism.

Whoever wants to tell me what, at a time when real wars are raging on our borders, at a time when more than ever we need to make money and goods, or better still, 'money-prime', divide ourselves into pseudo-left and ill-right - it really is a waste of time and an exercise in phraseology.

What we need now is stability, calm, good productivity, and lots of innovation. So, I think if we really make ourselves a group of apolitical pragmatists, we might soon grow into a party and win some elections and others.

But until then, we all must work hard to prove that we are pragmatists.