And a little salt and pepper

And a little salt and pepper

Politics these days seems a simple matter. Everyone understands it. First come the photo shoots and glossy posters, then the promises "by the pound" for everyone and everything. But the drama really starts after the elections, when hollow phrases and general talk pour from the TV screens. This is the picture in politics now, not only in Bulgaria of course, and it is more than clear that the whole system will one day be changed.

Firstly, there is no way that politicians will be ready to enter politics; as we said years ago, there is still no “technical school for ministers”. Secondly - the profession is no longer as prestigious as it was years ago, and the responsibilities are many times more numerous and the duties far more complex.

And it is for this reason that we must treat politicians quite specially, just as people who manage and use public resources created by our taxes. And recently, a would-be politician said to me quite frankly - don't worry, I'm winning this election, I'm going to shower people with promises, add a little salt and pepper to them and voila... Well, I'm worried. A lot.