Who do you think you are…?!

Who do you think you are…?!

"Who do you think you are to tell me…?!”

I don't know if this phrase exists in another language, but in Bulgaria, it is not an expression of pride or self-confidence but rather a complete misunderstanding of the word "ego." Often, we associate it with pride, even in my business – public relations, someone might compare it to "branding." But nowadays, it's just a display of insecurities and nothing else.

Having an expensive car, showing off golden watches, and having very expensive phones, but also always knowing everything and being the "final authority" with your opinions has somehow become a daily routine. It's hard to feel that none of these things will make us smarter, more successful, or richer.

Ego actually means knowing your own worth and how modestly you should do your job. The rest is better left in the drawer, and we might not even open it. At least in modern life, it won't be necessary, and it will only stop us.