Is Schengen a mirage?

Is Schengen a mirage?

According to Wikipedia, Schengen is a "wine village in Luxembourg" with 1527 inhabitants. However, according to the Bulgarian interpretation, this is the first major goal and dream after our country entered the European Union in 2007 because, in the end, this access still lacks our free movement within the Union. That's why I believe it is logical for it to be a dream not a mirage in the distance.

Certainly, by the end of 2024, all holders of Bulgarian passports will be able to pass through the internal borders of the European Union without checks because that's how it should be. The entire effort to achieve this simple and logical condition is within our country's territory and its administration – to tighten our external borders firmly, to the south, to the west, and by sea, and to refine the issuance of Bulgarian passports with Swiss precision. Just like in any other European country.

Because no one will make compromises on this matter. Especially now, with two wars almost at our borders.