What Are the PR Leaders Reading?

What Are the PR Leaders Reading?

I read constantly and extensively. I focus on short articles or posts daily, both early in the morning and late at night. However, I try to read between the lines and step into the shoes of the person who wrote them. I often succeed. As for books, I primarily write; in the last three years, I've published five. When I do read, I prefer using my Kindle, especially during long flights.

This one book, “Building A Story Brand” by Donald Miller, purchased from a lovely bookstore in the small town of Naples in southern Georgia, immediately caught my attention. Everything nowadays is a story. But you must tell it, capture the readers' attention, make them understand it, allow them to "step into" it, and play their role. This is especially true for branding, a highly popular term in the last decade, mainly due to the "tsunami" of social media and the fact that everyone can now elevate or demolish a company's brand.

Building a good brand is challenging because it takes a long time and can be flipped over in seconds. We have many examples of that. Companies that spend 20 years building a brand can lose it in 20 seconds, not to mention personalities.

The author of “Building a Story Brand,” Donald Miller is a master at describing specific situations. In the latest edition of this book, he likely exceeds all expectations, simplifying the storytelling process to seven essential elements the story must contain. Alternatively, here are seven mistakes you should never make. You will undoubtedly learn many interesting things, especially how to tell your story and the story of your business.


An article by Economy.bg  Jan 2024

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