Easy money? Come on!

Easy money? Come on!

They say easy money is easy to spend. However, when we talk about it casually over coffee or in serious meetings, as people in business, we don't recognize that concept.

People like me never heard about easy money and never did an easy business. Every single penny, every cent - we've always earned with a lot of hard work, energy, imagination, and persistence. And that's been the case for decades. But in recent years, a generation has emerged that truly has easy money, and they quite like it.

This generation actually is divided into two parts, both quite different and do not overlap anywhere.

The first – those who quickly earned a lot of money, and suddenly at that, through countless schemes, manipulations, and both minor and major frauds. That's why it's easy for them.

The other is our newest generation. Call them however you want – millennials, Gen Z, or whatever - these are the young people of the easy times, well-raised by their parents. And they also have easy money. And that's why now it's hard for them to understand how to do business well. At least – for now on.