Four words of responsibility

Four words of responsibility

"Will not vote!"- three simple words that I am starting to hear more often, and this should concern us. All of us! Let's accept that they are part of reality, democracy, and the freedom to express opinions or actions. So far, so good.

But voting is far more complex and unique than preferences for one dish or another, a destination, a book, a movie, or even a partner. Whatever we do in our daily lives is personal, and with very few exceptions, no one should interfere with it in any way. But even all these small personal things depend on the more significant and most important factor - who governs us and where they lead our country. And this cannot be determined by anyone else but us - only and solely through voting.

And obviously, then the words should become four - We really must vote. To live better and more meaningfully. And we should determine how not someone else.