Let's debate!

Let's debate!

For some reason, no one likes to debate or argue before and after elections in Bulgaria.

TV studios present us with some faceless "political scientists" (I use quotes because, to this day, there is no clear explanation of what these people are doing), even more faceless sociologists, and some whining political candidates here and there. But these are not debates. People who try to outtalk each other with the same accusations, using a harsh tone and the power of their voices instead of arguments, have no place in politics, and even less so on TV.

Debates should be between the leaders of the parties, the people who want to be in the prime minister's office after the elections, those who lead their supporters, who make promises and take responsibility for them. So, I think it might be a very good idea to include this in the new electoral law – three mandatory debates between the three leading parties, according to the sociologists. Even though their predictions are not always correct.