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Little Book for the Big PR

Little Book for the Big PR
Years of experience and knowledge passed… PR evolved so much and so much was written for it. I and my amazing team at M3 Communications Group, Inc. evolved so much indeed also. We met the needs of our clients, empowered ourselves with capacities and preparation to build where the roads are not even built yet, created value to our work, listened carefully every move of the business and gave our professional advice when it was needed. That is why we created with confidence our top 10 important rules of Modern PR in our little book with great importance. 

When you ask yourself how the big PR can be summarised in only 10 core rules, the response is always short and clear - in the modern world everything small is BIG. The shorter the text, the better and clearer. 
This small book contains the 10 most important PR lessons we have learned, which, if implemented successfully, will make the business of our clients grow and our team happy and it deserves to be shared with you. Happiness indeed is the most important part of what we do. Every day, every hour, every minute. Here they are.

1. Public Relations means to tell the truth in a way people understand it. 
After so many definitions for our business in so many academic books, we created the only one coming from real practice. The key word here is “truth”. Of course, the mission of our business is to tell the truth, to spread the truth and – much more often – to defend the truth. It is a mission – responsible, creative and noble. 

2. Public Relations is PUBLIC like never before. 
For all we know, in the past about 90% of the relations were non-public and businessmen and politicians were hiring former journalists to handle the remaining small percentage, which was meant to be public. 
Today all 100% of the relations are public and this changes not only the name, but also the functions and responsibilities of our business entirely. 

3. Public Relations are in a process of historic merge. 
We have recently observed a non-transferable merge between the three main elements of public communications business – public relations, advertising and digital. 
In spite of all speculations and theories, we are sure that Public Relations is the leader of the communications industry as we are the masters of content and handling crisis, which are the main concerns of our clients. 

4. Public Relations pays back every single penny invested. 
The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten. 
Every single dollar invested in Public Relations is worth much more than any other investment as we know very well that even a brand that has been built for 20 years might nowadays be destroyed in just 20 seconds.

5. Public Relations is a business of leaders and for leaders. 
The lack of true leaders is one of the very painful facts of nowadays reality. The mission of Public Relations business is to create true leaders, able to communicate with the public through real messages. 
The ability to communicate proactively and timely is one of the most important qualities of modern leaders. 

6. Public Relations relies on the partnership between the client and the agency. 
Public Relations is a unique business where the role of at least the two main participants in the projects – agency and client – must be based on a true partnership, understanding and equality of taking decisions. 
No client could be more professional than the PR agency’s experts and similarly, no expert could carry more responsibility than client’s decision makers. 

7. Public Relations is currently based and responsible for Big and Private Data. 
Big Data, of course, is the base of the modern PR, it allows proper analysis, precise and timely building of communications strategies and taking the best decisions. 
Very often, if not always, Big Data contains personal data elements, which must be observed carefully and responsibly from all parties participating in the process of using it. 

8. Public Relations is a business that strives explicitly in the field of social media. 
Social media is the main driving tool of communications and major field of activity of Public Relations. It gives the business a unique opportunity to connect quickly and efficiently with big groups of people, both within and outside the companies. 
The greatest and most unique advantages of social media are the interactivity and the ability to measure your effectiveness. 

9. Public Relations is a business of full transparency and true ethics. 
Modern communications channels have made the world more transparent. Thanks to social media platforms, the dynamic PR business became a leader in the communications industry. In fact there are two very important words in this business, only two. 
The first is Public and the second is Relations. They say everything. 

10. Public Relations is a field of innovation. 
If I had asked people then what they wanted, they would have said: we want faster horses”, Henry Ford, inventor of the modern car, said. 
In Public Relations business the most important things are decision making and creating out-of-the-box concepts – innovative, interesting and, of course, efficient for our clients. 

So… it is a small book indeed, drafting the great ideas behind our lovely Public Relations business. It is a real place for happy and creative people, for professionals who bring new benefits for their clients daily, but also bring know-how based on case studies and experience, and this knowledge is spread quickly and efficiently all over the world. This is how PR experts become more professional, happier and more efficient every day.
This is what we believe in – the Great team of M3 Communications Group, Inc.