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You Can Be Infinitely Brave, But You Must Have Knowledge

You Can Be Infinitely Brave, But You Must Have Knowledge

Changes in our business are already happening at the speed of light and are certainly aimed at even more professional reactions in crisis management, as well as having creative ideas for the preservation and development of brands. And this is logical. The pandemic has caused many unknown crises in a large number of companies - declining consumption, telecommuting, an even greater boom in online commerce and communications. But if we talk about sustainable elements in communications, I am sure that there will always be three that will be more important than anything else in the world - ethics, honesty and full transparency. 

Our business has always required a lot of creativity, exceptional preparation and quick solutions. There is room for boundless courage, but it must be backed up by perfect and constant preparation. Every day early in the morning or late in the evening I read at least 2-3 articles with information about what happened in the world and every day I find something new and unique. In the PR business, you can be infinitely brave, but you must have knowledge.

Five or six years ago, at a congress of the World PR Organization ICCO, I predicted that about 30% of the business of public communications will be able to be done remotely. But now going back to these days, I actually remember that I didn't believe in that prediction too much. Well, it happened faster. And this is the first important change - the business is exported remotely. It can be from the kitchen at home or from Starbucks, it doesn't matter, it's important to have a good and fast mobile connection and to feel at ease. The second big lesson is that what we used to call "event business" will disappear in its current form and in a year or two much of it will also be online.

 The text is part of an interview for „Manager“ magazine. The full version can be read HERE