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Maxim Behar for TBmagazine: New Version of the Three S's Rule...

Maxim Behar for TBmagazine: New Version of the Three S's Rule...

In his weekly column "Max's Column" for TBmagazine, Maxim Behar writes about modern leaders and the basics of growing a successful business.

I've been talking for years about how important the Three S's rule is in modern business and much to my surprise they continue to be more and more defining in our lives, especially when dealing with management. Speed, Simplicity, Self-confidence...

Speed in all things is necessary these days - it was back in 1998 when I introduced the Five Minute rule at my beloved M3 Communications Group, Inc. and to this day it is one of our immutable laws. Yes, you read that correctly - 1998! Every company employee is required to respond to an email within five minutes of seeing it. The response can be: got the email, I'll respond next Tuesday, for example, but it simply and must be responded to. But speed is not just about that anymore. Rather, it's in making decisions, having discussions, even reading interesting things in the morning, not to mention in solving communication crises, one of my main businesses.

Simplicity can be translated in many ways, but really the one that fits me the most is understandability. In our quest to be original we often, very often, fall into some endless explanations that only make our messages harder to understand. This is simply absurd in these times. Texts really should be simple and clear messages - precise and direct.

Finally, Self-confidence. I don't know a successful and happy person in business without this much needed element. And of course, self-confidence has nothing to do with bragging or with loud phrases and beautiful promises, but only with experience, a lot of reading, learning and hard work, which gives confidence that every obstacle can be overcome...

But do these Three Ss have a new reading? Yes, of course. After all, it's 2022 and if I have to continue in the same style - and I like it very much - it's now the Three Ps - precision, probity and pro-activeness...  

About them - next time!

Source: https://www.tbmagazine.net/statia/trite-s-v-nov-variant.html