Maxim Behar for TBmagazine: Where Are You, Bosun...?

Maxim Behar for TBmagazine: Where Are You, Bosun...?

In his weekly column "Max's Column" for TBmagazine, Maxim Behar tells cautionary lessons from the past that open our eyes to the present.

Months ago I gave a super interesting lecture in the garden of the Vrana Palace in the presence of His Majesty King Simeon II of Bulgaria, many of my friends, business partners and without even suspecting what a great hole - international and local - we will fall into today, I told one of my favourite stories. It actually belongs to my good friend Nikki Nikolov, a great manager and a man with incredible experience...

So... at a very, very young age Nikki started his career as a sailor on a ship - a profession full of surprises and many adventures. He waited for days for someone to praise him, worked hard, stretched like never before and hour after hour asked the bosun: "Boss, how is it, how am I doing, are you happy with me?"... He was looking for recognition, he wanted to know if he was doing well. "Look now," replied the bosun, "you have asked me enough, wait until the first storm to come and I will tell you then".

Great lesson in one sentence. I remember it every day, every hour even, these days, because the storm came indeed. You can see who is making quick and bold decisions and who is hiding like a mouse in a hole, hoping to survive... You can also see who is moaning and groaning that the business is not going well and banging his head against the wall, but you can also see who manages to overcome the difficulties, to stay awake, to constantly give ideas, to be innovative and thus succeed. Not only in business, but also in life.

The storm is really here and it requires quick and bold decisions - for or against vaccines and which ones are the right, the war in Ukraine, about our Russian friends and Putin, about our Ukrainian friends and Zelenskyy, about the higher prices, about the crisis, about inflation...

We haven't had so many storms in one place at one time in a long time.

Only the Bosun is not there to assess us accurately and uncompromisingly. Where is he and who is he now, let everyone answer that question for themselves. And if you don't find him - decide for yourself whether the new life and the new business is not for you or you will adapt and succeed.  

Source: https://www.tbmagazine.net/statia/kde-si-bocmane.html