Maxim Behar Speaks at a Forum at the Royal Library of Belgium on the "Tsunami" of Fake News

Maxim Behar Speaks at a Forum at the Royal Library of Belgium on the "Tsunami" of Fake News

The Bulgarian PR expert Maxim Behar presented our country at an international forum on Media Freedom in the age of Tech Disruption. The forum was organized by the European political foundation - European Liberal Forum (ELF) and held at the Royal Library of Belgium.

During his lecture, Behar talked about the fast transition of traditional methods to digitised processes, disinformation, fake news and propaganda that are poisoning media now more than ever.

The forum was attended by many MEPs, media experts, politicians and journalists, including the Executive Director of the European Liberal Forum, Daniel Kaddik. Behar's presentation was moderated by former Bulgarian Deputy Prime Minister and current ELF representative Zinaida Zlatanova.

"We can no longer talk about technological changes, but about a real revolution in the media, and what we see as fake news is a tsunami that is flooding the world," Behar said. However, social media is the only alternative to the increasingly suppressed freedom of speech in many countries. Surely we will find a way to recognize fake news and distinguish the real news, and that will be the next big step in creating a more trustworthy media environment."

A few months ago, the European Liberal Forum invited Maxim Behar to give a lecture on Modern Leadership at the Royal Palace of Vrana in the presence of His Majesty King Simeon II of Bulgaria and many politicians and businessmen as the first event of the Forum's pan-European Think Aloud initiative. The lecture can be viewed here.